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turning upside down - right side up by . . . 

connecting with the other side.

Turned Upside Down has been written to assist in guiding children through the grieving process by way of their own spiritual journey. It is my wish to open conversations with children and adults, allowing them to process, understand and embrace the loss of there very special someone.

Share the gift of connecting with the other side. Allow for a new generation to grow up experiencing the gifts, the messages, the guidance and even the humor from their special someone who has crossed over. The ability to adjust to a new and in many ways more powerful relationship than ever before.

The gift of never having to truly say goodbye.

About the Author...Teana lives in South Florida with her husband and their two sons. Turned Upside Down was inspired through Teana’s very special connection with her brother Morey on the other side. She spends most of her time caring for her family and others which includes her commitment to Camp Fiesta , a summer camp for children with cancer.

About the IllustratorKaren is first and foremost a mother, daughter, sister and life partner. She lives under the South Florida sun surrounded by the ones she loves. Illustrator of the New York Times best seller "I Love You More"  Karen’s ability to capture the world’s magic, love and endless possibilities through illustration and photography has set her on a path to make the world a better place to live - one image at a time.

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Teana would like you to know more about Camp Fiesta. . . 

Camp Fiesta is a nine day sleep away summer camp for children with cancer. All children attend camp at no cost to their families due to charitable contributions and community support. Camp is a place where dreams come alive and friendships are made for a lifetime. For more information on Camp Fiesta or to make a donation in memory of your special someone please visit www.campfiesta.com

Turned Upside Down


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