" I won a copy of this book through a Goodreads, Firstreads Giveaway. I was worried about explaining grief to my grandchildren. This book is very soothing to read and gives children a path through grief so the departed doesn't have to be forever absent from their lives or conversations. Just read it. I think you'll be glad you did. I have passed this on to my great grandchildren as their grandfather recently and very unexpectedly passed on at 48 years of age." - Goodreads Brenda
" Beautifully illustrated and creatively put together, Turned Upside Down is dedicated to children who have lost a loved one, and it is meant to be read as a conversation between a child and an adult. Many parents and/or guardians struggle with understanding how to comfort a grieving child, and Teana Tache makes it easy to open conversations that allow a child to process what has happened. The first half of the book is written from a child’s perspective and the second half is written from the perspective of the person who has passed away. The first part describes thoughts that every person has when they lose someone, such as the things they miss about the person and how lost they currently feel. The last half of the book includes what their loved one would be saying to them if they were there, such as “I will be there, deep down inside. I will always be here, right by your side.” This flip book helps children express their thoughts and feelings and equips them with appropriate coping habits during a traumatic time in their life. For example, one line told from the perspective of the person who has passed says “It’s okay to talk about me, to laugh and to cry. It’s even okay to question why.” There is a page in the book where the reader is invited to share his or her own story and write the memories they have of their special someone. Turned Upside Down is a beautiful keepsake that would be a great gift for children and a great tool for counselors and parents." - Goodreads, Haley

" Beautiful, tender book that diminishes fear and enhances love. Empowering and hopeful, which is just what we need! " - Amazon KB

" I highly recommend this book to anyone who is grieving over the loss of a loved one. Reading it brings comfort to people of all ages, not just children. I personally found that it helped me feel closer to my husband and sister who have passed away, by looking at death in a whole new light. I have purchased Turned Upside Down for both adults and children who have lost someone they love, and no matter the age, each one has commented that this book helped them tremendously with their grieving process. The illustrations are beautiful and the author has done an amazing job portraying how to communicate and stay connected with our loved ones... that they are still with us, just in a different way. We truly don't have to say goodbye." - Amazon DS